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Artwork by Mary Deaville


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2017 brought forth the inaugeral Newent Art Competition


Participants in 2017 were invited to create artworks and poetry inspired by the movements of the 'Newent Symphony',

('Dawn Over the Lake' - 'Daffodils' - 'Market Square' - 'The Onion Fayre' - 'May Hill')

an original composition by Bill Anderton of the Newent Orchestra. 

Which was performed by the Newent Orchestra at

Newent Community School on the 25th March

The winner, Frances Bicker, (See below) recieved a cash prize of £250, and was also featured in the May edition of the

Wye Valley Creates Magazine


The competition brought together many different sectors of the Newent community and we were overwhelmed by the response from so many talented local artists!


Please click on the images below to see last years Winner and 'Best in Categories'






Newent Art Competition 2017

The students of Glebe Infants School and Picklenash Junior School got involved too, creating some wonderful works of art and poetry, inspired by the Newent Symphony. Their work was exhibited at Newent Library.


Please click on the images below to see just a few of their fantastic creations...